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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy focuses on the present and the future and not on the past. A Solution Focused Hypnotherapist will ask clients to consider their preferred future, for instance asking solution-orientated questions such as: “What would be better if the problem had improved?” or “What would have changed?”. This enables the client's possible solutions to become more obvious and gives the client a goal to work towards.

Hypnosis itself reduces anxiety, and this is done very simply through relaxation and visualisation, allowing the client to focus on the positive aspects of their life that encourages a shift in perspective.

What Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help with 






Stop Smoking

Weight Management 



Irritable Bowel Syndrome



Coping with Pain

Online Therapy


I offer therapy in person or online through Zoom.


Accessing therapy online is as effective as in person therapy. There are many benefits to online therapy such as convenience and flexibility. Being able to access online hypnotherapy is helpful if your mental health, physical condition or other issues make it difficult to leave your home regularly. It may be your existing demands make it difficult to attend an in person session where you have to find time to travel to a clinic for a session.

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